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We are a modern events promotion agency in the Rheingau with only one thing in mind: offering captivating programmes involving wine and activities that feature the Rheingau region and help you experience the attraction of our wonderful wine-growing country. We have put together a selection of first-rate events for you to choose from. Just let us know and we will be happy to advise you on all the details. 

Sundowner Tour in the Rheingau


Perfect after a long day at a conference: Get out into the vineyards of the Rheingau and let the day's cares fade away. Our modern vans pick you up directly at the hotel and invite guests to enjoy the evening sun in the vineyards. Modelled after the famous sundowner tours in South Africa, we visit fascinating spots in the vineyards. Peaceful, panoramic views combined with selected Riesling wines make for a memorable experience in the Rheingau. An brisk hike through the rows of vines and a visit to a cool wine cellar are also an indispensable part of the evening's activities.


Team Vintner Olympics


Are you planning a event centred around team spirit with a regional focus? Then our Team Vintner Olympics are just the thing for you. At various spots in the vineyards, we reconstruct typical wine- making activities that your teams have to perform. Only one team will win, but fun is guaranteed for all participants!

Riesling Shuttle Tour


Our classic. Discover the Rheingau just as the natives would enjoy it. On our four-hour tour, guests are treated to the Rheingau's hot spots. Entertainingly, convivially and humorously moderated, our tours take you in air-conditioned vans through the rolling countryside to discover wine cellars, vineyards and winemaking estates and palaces. Our Winemobile is always along with its marvellous Riesling wines which we serve well chilled from the on-board bar.




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E-biking in wine country


A growing trend: relaxed travel on an e-bike. And ideal for groups, since most people already know how to ride a bicycle. Especially after a long conference, a bit of physical activity is always welcome, along with the fresh air in the vineyards. We offer various routes, with stops to enjoy, for example, the Rheingau cheese station in the vineyards. We start out directly from the hotel or conference centre. And if a visit to a winemaker is planned, then we chauffeur the guests safely back to the hotel.




Inflatable boat tours


The Rhine is naturally a major part of the Rheingau, visible from all over, and and it has exerted a magical attraction on the people here since time immemorial. We find that it should be a “hands on” experience and the best way to get that is in large inflatable boats especially designed for group outings. A team event that shows a unique side of the Rheingau. Simply unforgettable, like all of our Riesling Shuttle tours.


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Traditional archery


Instinctive archery is a tradition as old as humankind. Bow and arrow are used in their original form, without any technical aids. The feeling of hitting the bullseye with the arrow is invigorating and provides the archers with a great sense of joy and accomplishment.


Are you curious?


Our archery programme is conducted by a professional trainer. Your guests will discover new things about themselves and have fun doing so.



Your advantage – our pleasure:

All events are conducted in German and English!




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